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Published: 02nd February 2010
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NuSkin was established in 1984 by Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson and Steve Lund. Nu Skin mainly markets personal care products and the company hopes to attract high quality sales personnel to help it distribute its products throughout the world. Nu Skin has a presence in 6 continents and many countries around the world. Nu Skin is a true global enterprise.

NuSkin is a financially stable company. It tries to run itself with honest and integrity. It is not unaware of its social responsibilities. Nu Skin is trying to feed hungry children in the poor parts of the world. This is a great testimony of its desire to help. However during the course of the 25 years that Nu Skin has been in business, it has acquired a bad reputation. People are wary of the company and its products. The Nu Skin name has become synonymous with scam.

The flagship products of Nu Skin are the Galvanic Spa System 2, Tru Face Essence Ultra, g3 nutrition beverage and LifePak nano along with some anti aging products. The anti aging products are referred as Pharmanex. The products available at Nu Skin can be bought online at discount prices. The Nu Skin anti aging products goes through a 6S Quality check which is beyond industry standards. The products at Nu Skin are thoroughly tested and have been found to be very good by customers. Many of the products have received awards and all this goes on to show that the products offered by Nu Skin are genuine, so at least on the products front Nu Skin is not involved in a scam.

The opportunity at NuSkin is simply mind blowing. It is a fact that Nu Skin pays the highest percentage of sales revenue in commission to it distributors as compared to all other direct selling companies on the NYSE. This means that a distributor at Nu Skin can earn much higher returns at Nu Skin as compared to other companies. Nu Skin has paid more than $6 billion as commission to its distributors since its inception. To sign on with Nu Skin, an existing distributor has to be ready to sponsor you. To distribute Nu Skin product some money has to be paid upfront and an annual fee has to be paid thereafter. Nu Skin has a lot of training opportunities available for distributors. Nu Skin provides its distributors with training to help them grow their business and achieve personal growth. The only downside to working with Nu Skin is that there are many conditions a distributor has to fulfill to operate his distributorship.

NuSkin has a high turnover, and it has a large number of distributors operating in many parts of the world. So in short, the business opportunity at Nu Skin is not a scam. It offers a genuine opportunity and a good product. Though the products sold at Nu Skin may not be very unique, thousands of start ups have benefited by their association to Nu Skin.

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